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Universal Resort Exchange offers excellent service to their customers, and I can attest to that. Not only were they were able to find an available week that my resort said was unavailable, they were able to find people for my unit at the same time. I cannot be more pleased with their level of service and quality. I will be coming back to them for more in the future.
Jen Eaton, Georgia
This is my first time booking with Universal Resort Exchange and it was such a positive experience. The place was great and everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you! You definitely have our business going forward!
Vanessa Pascale, New York
Contacted Universal Resort Exchange in hopes of finding a last minute rental for New Years Eve as our booking with another company fell through. They said it may be difficult being it's so last minute but low and behold. A day later I got a call and they found the availability for our request and my rental was booked. The resort was amazing and NYE was awesome, thanks to Universal Resort Exchange. We had such a great time that we are now looking into purchasing a timeshare through them. Great Experience!!!
Caitlyn, Georgia
Great company and staff. Wide selection of resorts. A great way of vacationing the way and where you like.
Janis Sheen, Texas
  I've used this service for several resorts this year, i always receive a great deal on my trip, customer service goes above and beyond to make sure my trip is wonderful from beginning to end. Highly recommended.
Phillip Gravels, Maryland

@URexchangeonlin Congrats on the great reviews!

— Superpages.com (@Superpages) December 18, 2014

- @superpages
I found these guys through a resort management association. We were a little apprehensive because of the fee but everything worked out for the best. Good communication and quick turnaround time on the rental offers! Thank you and will repeat business in the future.
Andrew S, Pennsylvania
Universal Resort Exchange is fantastic. They were able to find an open week that didn't exist through my resort. Plus they were able to find people for my unit! Very impressed with their service and offerings. I will be coming back for more!
Aaron Sadhi
Excellent Company!!!! I listed 2 timeshares with them for rental and the sale. They handled the advertising and we were also provided with a rental kit that included letters notifying our Resort and Exchange Company of our intentions as well as a sublease between myself and the renter. We had bad experiences in the past trying to rent our timeshare and although their services are a bit pricey, not having the stress of having to find renters and having documents provided to protect us and gave us piece of mind. Thanks Again!!!!"
Sue-Tanya Mchorgh, Jamaica
Love it - I highly recommend.
Zachary Miller
This was the first time I booked a vacation with Universal Resort Exchange. They had great customer service and helped me with every question I had along the way. Great company and I can't wait to use them again.
Carrie Willis, Florida
I'm very pleased with my recent purchase. Thanks Universal Resort Exchange for being a bridge!
Mike, SpeedFilms


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