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Renter's Frequently Asked Questions....

  • How do I rent a timeshare?

    Once you have determined which unit you want to rent, you may contact us through our forms and we we'll forward your offer and information to the owner. The owner will contact you directly. We recommend that you sign a rental agreement with the owner. There is usually an advanced payment involved to secure the rental.

  • How long does rent lasts?

    A rental typically lasts for a week (7 days). You may check with the for specifics as they vary from resorts.

  • How do I confirm my reservation?

    We recommend that you keep in touch with the owner and check with them if they have informed the resort of the rental. You may call the resort for additional information once the owner has informed the resort.

  • Can I purchase the unit I rented?

    You may contact us by phone and we will forward your offer to the owner. If the owner is truly interested in any purchase offer, with your permission we will then be able to provide them with your contact information or vice versa.

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